Salon Hours

Monday9am - 5pm
Tuesday9am - 9pm
Wednesday9am - 9pm
Thursday9am - 9pm
Friday9am - 6pm
Saturday8:30am - 4:30pm
Sunday10am - 4pm

Massage Therapy

Aromatherapy Massage (60 minutes)      $75
Specifically diagnosed essential oils are massaged into your
skin. This custom treatment can calm, revitalize and heal
while it improves circulation and releases toxins.
Chair Massage (15 minutes)   $15
Applied through your clothes while sitting in a special
massage chair, this mini-massage of your neck, shoulders
and upper back feels great. By appointment or available if
therapists schedule permits.
Deep Tissue/Muscle Massage (60 minutes)   $80
This massage is given with slow strokes and deep finger
pressure on your specific muscle areas and specific aches.
This massage is said to be "good for what ails you."
30 Minute-Massage   $30
This massage targets specific problem areas providing a
quick fix.
60 Minute-Massage   $60
This massage provides a full body treatment or a specific
concentrated area.
90 Minute-Massage   $90
This massage includes all of the benefits of a 60 minute
massage plus concentration in each muscle.
Pre-Natal Massage (60 minutes)      $70
Constant body changes during pregnancy create some
discomforts. This massage can help relieve discomforts,
including low back pain. Physicians written approval is
Reflexology (60 minutes)   $50
Ancient Chinese art of healing. Zones of feet and hands
are manipulated and massaged to relax the entire body,
eliminate toxins and enhance internal organ functions.
Sports Massage (60 minutes)   $70
Combination of Swedish massage and pressure point
work including stretching the limbs and compression
strokes to improve circulation and to flush out toxins
that build up from vigorous exertion. Schedule before
or after sports activity to help prevent or recover from
an injury.
Stone Therapy Massage (60 minutes)   $90
Heated, smooth river stones are utilized to penetrate
deep into muscle tissue to enhance relaxation.
Swedish Massage (60 minutes)   $60
Muscle and tissue are kneaded and stroked to increase
blood and lymph circulation. Enhances your range of
motion and restore your tired body and mind.
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