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A La Carte Treatments

Decollete & Neck Treatment     
Targets the special skin tissue of often neglected
area. Using special serums and masks, this
treatment tightens, smooths fine lines and helps
lighten hyper-pigmentation.
Enzyme Therapy  
Dissolves dead skin cells and softens skin.  
Paraffin Treatment $10
Paraffin enhances the penetration of a treatment
mask and has a smoothing effect on the skin.
Vitamin Eye Treatment  
Smoothes,de-congests, hydrates and firms with
botanicals, hyaluronic acid and liposomes.
Eye Brow Tint $20     
Eyebrow tinting is a safe way to lighten or darken
your brows. A gel that is safe around the eyes is
applied and, in minutes your eyebrows will look
Eyelash Tint $20  
A gel that is safe to use around the delicate eye
area is applied and left to sit for a few minutes.
Once it is rinsed off, you will have great looking
dark eyelashes that lasts for weeks.
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